Published by LUMI MASK on Friday, August 30th, 2013 in News

We  have been working with a new designer to update the look/ feel/ user interaction with the LUMI mask. It is an exciting time for our product, as we start to fine tune things with the feedback we have gotten from many first run users. Our designer has been working with us to improve the design and aesthetics side of things. The result is a tighter, sleeker looking mask, that doesn’t compromise comfort.We have also repositioned our buttons to be easier to reach and prevent jamming any buttons while rolling around out nigh. Our electronics engineer has been working to resolve a few designs by improving our circuit maps, and updating our user interface.

Our fabric materials our also going through a bit of an update as well. As we move forward in the following months, we hope to implement the following updates: improving user interaction with the product (real world analysis has taught us a lot of things we never would have thought of), reworking the clock programming for the alarm, improving button design, simplifying wire diagrams, integrating a structural piece to secure the pcb and secure the wires, implementing an enclosure for the pcb, upgrading our speaker and relocating it, resolving some minor battery issues and trying to get it smaller, and improving our overall materials.

We want our product to live up to our longevity standards, and are working hand in hand with some manufactures to insure this.