Published by LUMI MASK on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 in News

We have been working lately on improving the electronics in our mask. There have been a lot of amazing options that we have been considering. Part of our team has been part of a project that has worked with a LED fabric technology that we are looking to implement. We feel like this would be a great option to include as our light source. This technology would provide great diffusion of light over the full cavity area, which we are very excited about.

Our electronic engineer that we have been working with has improved on the design of our PCB and electronics to help improve battery life management and rewiring of all our circuits. Also, we are implementing improved solder points on our PDB board to help with product longevity We are looking to have the wires contained, so they will not be tampered with if the mask gets bent. Improved battery life is a huge aspect that we have considered from day one with this project, and feel it will be a great feature that our customers will enjoy.

We have also been looking at adding new technologies to our line of items, including binaural beats capabilities. Binaural beats are a well studied scientific area that corresponds to brain waves that we experience. The direct application of this technology would be used to help the user fall asleep quicker (think deep monk meditation and calmness before falling asleep), and help with waking up (energized beta waves will help you wake up feeling charged and ready to conquer the day).

We are racing towards implementing these ideas into our current and future models. Stay updated as we share more news with our development.