About Us


It started with a problem. I loved waking up with sunlight coming through my blinds. But at night, with my blinds open, light kept me from falling asleep. Using a sleep mask helped block the light, but eliminated being able to wake with sunlight. I got to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution for blocking out light AND waking with sunlight?”

LUMI is the solution.

Sleep + You

Most of our sleep benefits come from optimizing our dark and light cues.

Our bodies are designed to sleep in darkness and wake with sunlight. Darkness triggers our brain to produce a sleep cue, melatonin, to help fall asleep, but any tiny amount of light disrupts this sleep cue.

Sunlight aligns our daily rhythms and activates our metabolism so we wake easily, with more attention and energy. Using a traditional alarm method wakes you, midway through your sleep cycle, and does not softley wake you like sunlight would.